The Captain’s Log 3

The Lollipop Lighthouse

I’m starting to get used to this ‘Blogging Lark’. So grab yourself a mug of your favourite hot beverage, recline back in an arm chair with your feet up on the pouffiest pouffe and let me take the reigns of this ride around my crazy world.

This week has been full of fun and frolics. I met up with my good mate Paul Megram aka Colonel Custard (he’s a children’s entertainer too. Well he’d have to be with a name like that) and we filmed some new episodes of my YouTube channel where demonstrates some great magic that kids can easily replicate and perform themselves. When you meet someone who shares the same passion for entertaining as you but whose style is very different and whose skill set is also different then I must say; I become a kid again watching with the same wide eyed wonder as I watched entertainers as a 5 year old boy. We got some great episodes in ‘the can’ and then went to a local cafe to catch up. Filming my channel is a joy and a pleasure but working with a mate on a few episodes makes it even more enjoyable. I also work with a terrific video guy called Dan and he has the ability of creating a relaxed environment and just letting the show flow with ease in through the lens of his camera. Then he very quickly works his magic, converting a studio apartment in Stoke Newington into The Lollipop Lighthouse. If you haven’t seen the episodes that are up on the channel yet; I very strongly recommend you find a 3 to 8 year old child (preferably your own but a niece or nephew will do) and stick them in front of it. Then just watch their smiles and laughter as each video unfolds.

Today is a POD day. POD is an amazing charity that sends entertainers into hospital to create laughter and smiles for children who need them most. Together with POD and the other charity I work for regularly; Spread A Smile; I have been lucky enough to meet some of the bravest, smartest, wonderful children I have ever known. Today I’m going to 3 hospitals bringing them a bubble shows. They’ll see me create bouncing bubbles, smoke bubbles, bubbles in bubbles, magic bubbles, rainbow and caterpillar bubbles and lost more. I can’t wait!

I owe my work as a Bubbleologist to Samsam the Bubble Man of Bubbleinc who was kind enough to spark my interest and train me and who has about half a dozen Guinness World Records to his name. Seeing him and his team work; I always believed that if I could develop some basic skills then the combination of bubbles with my ability to engage an audience of children; it would be a really strong and unique addition to my shows. I must have been blowing bubbles for five years now and it is always a huge highlight in my shows.

This week my son Zak has been rehearsing a magic trick for his School Talent Competition. He’s a bright boy and he’s got the mechanics of the trick down (in fact Kelly (my wife) thinks he does a far better job of it than I ever did but getting him to speak to his audience and engage with them is a challenge. I’ve got my work cut out to get across to an 8 year old who thinks he knows everything that it’s not enough to present the mechanics of a trick and that he needs to make it into an entertaining routine… And he definitely needs to smile more.

I smile at everyone. People crossing the road alongside me, people in other vehicles in traffic, school mums when delivering my boys in the morning to the gates of their prison of academia for the day. I realise that most people think I’m at best a little eccentric and at worse; clinically insane but I don’t care because persistence pays off and eventually strangers smile back and you can’t be stressed or angry or frustrated when you are smiling. Try it. You’ll see.

My great children’s YouTube Channel is up and running and its full of ideas for rainy days.

Details below:-

The Captain Calamity Adventures

Captain Calamity’s amazing YouTube Channel is up and running and it is looking great!

This fantastic channel aimed at children aged 3 years+ is set to be full of Art Projects for your creative kids, Science Experiments for inquisitive young minds, magic for pure entertainment and tricks that your little ones can have a go at themselves. Their will also be plenty of ideas for rainy days, bath time fun, long car journeys and anywhere where kids need a little engagement. Above all; this channel is fun and entertaining creating smiles and laughter.

Subscribe today to catch the weekly episodes that go live every Sunday at 5pm. Plus their will also be bonus episodes during the week.

Please share this post with anyone you think may find it of interest.


About The Captains Log

Dov Citron aka Captain Calamity is a deeply flawed Human Being, A Man who never grew up, Father of two young cheeky and overly spoilt middle class boys and a Husband to a very understanding and also very stubborn Wife. He is also a Multi Award Winning Children's Entertainer, Blogger, YouTuber and Picture Book Author. His Blogs are a candid, honest, humorous and quirky view of every day life's trials and tribulations and the huge contrast between being a family man and Captain Calamity Children's Entertainer.
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