The Captains Log 5

Gasses, Goths and Genecide

This month was all about liquids turning into gasses,  bright red foam shooting out of a pot, smoke rings that blow cups over and bubbles that are big enough to stand in. It was also a joy to meet a couple of crazy characters along the way who enriched my experience and kept me smiling.

My sell out Science Shows at a lovely regional arts centre where great fun. I was greeted on the morning of the shows by two straggly and greasy raven haired, leather clad techies who for  the sake of this blog I will give appropriate names to match their gothic countinence. Let’s call them Edgar and Damien.

Edgar was their Leader. He made all the descions. Which is very hard when you are consentrating so intently on wafting hair out of your face and gazing purposefully into the emptiness. I had parked the van as close to the entrance of the venue as possible to unload. Edgar assured me it would be fine to stay there for the duration of the shows. He offered to help me unload but as I headed to the van I noticed he wasn’t following me. Something or very probably nothing had caught his attention and his energy was now fully engaged with that. As I brought my kit into the theatre; Edgar and Damien where discussing their bands. They where both base guitarist and lead singers in separate bands. ‘Random Hobbit Genecide’ was Edgar’s band. They played a dark fusion of Rock and Metal or Folk and Country depending on which of the three band members got to the microphone first. Damien’s band was called ‘Satans Soul Stealers’. You have to admire the alliteration for someone who even his mother would admit was not the ‘sharpest crayon’ in the box. Still the back drop of their discussion was a welcome distraction from the toil of my setup. Although I was asked to move my van minutes before the show was supposed to start even though Edgar had assured me it would be fine where it was.

We discussed lights and sound and all things technical which I gave them pretty much free reign on and they seemed to relish this with a nerdy lust that was as disturbing as it was welcome. They did their job; freeing me up to entertain my audience and show them some cool science which even impresses me every time I do it.

Science is an awesome tool for engaging young people in the wonders of the world around them. The audiences where really fun and energetic as I have come to expect and enjoy. Chemicals reacted, polymers bound together in a stretchy mass, rockets popped, smoke cannons blasted and transparent orbs of bubbly wonder filled the auditorium. It was a good day to be me and as we glugged down our refreshing ‘after show’ cans of coke; even my two new friends Edgar and Damien had to admit

“They where pretty sick shows.” (‘Sick’ is a good thing I think).


The Captain Calamity Adventures

Captain Calamity’s amazing YouTube Channel is up and running and it is looking great!

This fantastic channel aimed at children aged 3 years+ is already full of Art Projects for your creative kids, Science Experiments for inquisitive young minds, Circus Skills to improve coordination, Magic tricks for both pure entertainment and plenty that your little ones can have a go at themselves. There are also loads of ideas for rainy days, bath time fun, long car journeys, restaurants and anywhere where kids need a little engagement. It’s educational, it’s interactive but above all; this channel is fun and entertaining creating smiles and laughter.

Subscribe today to catch the weekly episodes that go live every Sunday at 5pm (UK Time). Plus there will also be bonus episodes during the week.

In the coming weeks; we have interactive stories, make and do projects, songs, magic tricks and loads more great guests visiting the Lollipop Lighthouse.

Please click the link to the channel below and subscribe to let your child’s adventures start today.






About The Captains Log

Dov Citron aka Captain Calamity is a deeply flawed Human Being, A Man who never grew up, Father of two young cheeky and overly spoilt middle class boys and a Husband to a very understanding and also very stubborn Wife. He is also a Multi Award Winning Children's Entertainer, Blogger, YouTuber and Picture Book Author. His Blogs are a candid, honest, humorous and quirky view of every day life's trials and tribulations and the huge contrast between being a family man and Captain Calamity Children's Entertainer.
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