The Juggernaut Rolls Along

So much to tell you about and so little time.

‘The Captain Calamity’ vehicle is rolling forward like a juggernaut on an open high-way. The destination is not entirely clear but they’ll be lots of ‘stop offs’ along the way.

There’s my fantastic show that is taking theatres by storm. No doubt ‘Captain Calamity’s Adventures in Story Land’ will be arriving at a theatre near you before long.

At the moment we have the Wyllyotts Theatre in Potters Bar confirmed and we are so delighted they have chosen us as the feature show in their Summer Fun Day event.

Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar on 16th August 2013

Phone: 01707 645005

Other venues include:-

Luton Library Theatre on 30th October 2013

Phone: 01582 54747


Harrow Arts Centre on 31st October 2013

Phone: 020 8416 8989

There’s lots of dates just on the fringes of confirming soon too and if our previous shows at Wyllyotts and Watersmeet where anything to go by; these shows are not to be missed!

Type ‘Captain Calamity’s Adventures in Story Land’ into YouTube to view a great promo video.

Stop 2 are the Captain Calamity Story Books that will be released at the Hampstead and Highgate Literary Festival alongside some great short stories for kids. In fact if your child is having a Captain Calamity party then please feel free to ask me for one of my story books for your child. I’m very excited about these and I hope your child will enjoy them as much as I am enjoying putting them together.

Stop 3 is the merchandise. If you come to a Captain Calamity show or event then you will see a range of merchandise from  CD’s of the show music and DVD’s of the show to T-Shirts, balloons, bubble equipment and lots more. As a result; I expect to see lots of mini ‘Captain Calamity’s’ popping up across the UK.


Stop 4 is the NetMums party awards. These awards are for the best party people in your area and I need your vote by 24th June.

Here’s the link.

Please follow or copy it into your browser and click ‘nominate’. Your testimonials would also be greatly appreciated.


Stop 5 is my updated website which will allow you to access photos, videos and all Captain Calamity’s latest news, shows and packages. Also, don’t forget to ‘like’ my Facebook pages:-


There’s so many stops as the Juggernaut roles on that I’m bound to see you along the way and if I do; be sure to say ‘hello’ thank you for your continued support and see you all soon. X











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Finding the perfect party entertainer


This blog was originally written by me as a guest blog for Les Enfants Parties:  –

What parents should look for when choosing an entertainer and why it is not an easy job to get it right.

It is a source of great sadness to me when I hear or read about parents and party organisers who speak in truly negative terms about their experience of an entertainer.

“He didn’t really manage to control the children.”

“I could have done her job much better myself.”

“He never told me what he was planning to do.”

It is clear to me that children’s entertainer’s differ greatly across the board.

Any 18 year old out of School, College or University filling time before there next full-time job or looking for a bit of work over the summer holidays can set themselves up as a children’s entertainer but that does not mean they are any good. If you are used to paying £100 or less for your entertainer then, no doubt the above is probably what you have experienced. So for those of you who are unaware; there is a fabulous alternative to this type of entertainer.

I am a professional children’s entertainer. This is not my part-time job. This is what I do for a living. I am equity registered. I am public liability insured. I hold full public liability insurance and have both CRB enhanced and Police Checks which I renew regularly.

When I arrive at a party; I am fully costumed and already performing as the character I have been booked to entertain as. I bring with me a colourful trunk containing magic, balloons, props for interactive games, plates and sticks and a fantastic smoking dragon for which I have a full risk assessment. I also bring five pop-up banners with colourful graphics on them and a PAT tested amplifier with a radio mic. I run all my music off an ipod which allows for the slick transfer of one tune to another. I also bring a giant bubble wand, limbo poles, a bubble machine and a snow machine as standard. It takes me less than ten minutes to set up and the same to pack down.

My parties are always very interactive with the young participants sitting down only for short periods during the show where they are still fully interacting by clapping their hands, calling and responding and laughing their heads off. My entertainment is always about having fun. I do not expect them to learn anything (they get enough of that at school). It is pure unadulterated amusement. Also, there is nothing vulgar or smutty about my shows. I don’t need to resort to these tactics to entertain children and I don’t believe in using language they wouldn’t hear at home.

I always perform as the character the client has requested throughout the party, not just as an entertainer in a costume. I do my research. After all I have children of my own so I am constantly being bombarded with images of Ben 10, Sponge Bob, Peppa Pig, Sporticus, Power Rangers, Super Heroes and whatever the latest Pixar or Disney film is. Even when I can’t physically costume up as the birthday child’s favourite character; I will always ensure I know everything about that character so that I can make the child’s party as special and bespoke as possible.

As a result of my passion and dedication for my work; I have won numerous children’s entertainer awards, I lecture on children’s entertainment at Conventions around the Country including Kidology 2010 which was held in Wolverhampton on Sept 7th 2010, I train entertainers for both the party and holiday Industry and I have entertained at parties for the children of many famous and wealthy people including Madonna and Downing Street.

I guess what I’m trying to say is; you can expect more from your entertainer’s. There are plenty of us out there who do this for a living and for whom this is not a ‘fill in’ or ‘part time’ job. To get the best; talk to your friends and colleagues, collect recommendations, watch the entertainer’s at the parties of your children’s friends and use respected party agencies like Les Enfants who only hire entertainer’s who have been rigorously checked and that maintain high standards.

Children only have a party once a year and only for the shortest part of their life. I believe these experiences should be nothing short of magical and I believe it is worth taking the time to get it absolutely right. Don’t you?

Dov Citron is an award winning entertainer, workshop co-ordinator and lecturer. He runs his own company called MAD House Entertainment Ltd m: 07985 535472

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I recently had a fanastic meeting with Samsam the Bubble Man from Bubbleinc. He is the Worlds leading Bubbleologist and with his help; I will be doing some incredbly exciting stuff with bubbles. The bubble show is a ‘add on’ to parties replacing the last 30 mins of the party. Imagine getting a photo of your birthday child inside a bubble or watch in wonder as i create bubble chains and square bubbles and put 100’s of little bubbles inside a gigantic bubble. If you’d like this impressive extra at your party. Bubbles are also perfect for Fundays, Summer fetes and festivals. Call 07985 535472 for details.

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The Calander’s filling up!

This summer is starting to look pretty crazy! I booked up for everything from School Fetes to Festivals and Shopping Centres to Kids Parties with plenty of corporate events thrown in for good measure. If you want Captain Calamity or indeed any of my team ‘Calamity’s Characters’ then please get your bookings in quickly. The number is 07985 535472. Don’t delay, book today!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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