The Captains Log 5 — MAD House Kids Entertainment

Gasses, Goths and Genecide This month was all about liquids turning into gasses, bright red foam shooting out of a pot, smoke rings that blow cups over and bubbles that are big enough to stand in. It was also a joy to meet a couple of crazy characters along the way who enriched my experience and kept me smiling. […]

via The Captains Log 5 — MAD House Kids Entertainment


About The Captains Log

Dov Citron aka Captain Calamity is a deeply flawed Human Being, A Man who never grew up, Father of two young cheeky and overly spoilt middle class boys and a Husband to a very understanding and also very stubborn Wife. He is also a Multi Award Winning Children's Entertainer, Blogger, YouTuber and Picture Book Author. His Blogs are a candid, honest, humorous and quirky view of every day life's trials and tribulations and the huge contrast between being a family man and Captain Calamity Children's Entertainer.
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